Terms & Condition for Shopnonibash Assets Ltd. Real Estate Website

1.     Customers have the opportunity to reserve their preferred plot based on a first-come, first-served approach and plot availability.

2.     The company’s designated booking form necessitates customers to complete the plot reservation process by submitting the form along with one photograph of the beneficiary, one photograph of the nominee, and a booking fee of Tk 10,000/- (ten thousand).

3.     The price of the plot will be determined according to the pricing list established by the company. It’s important to note that the company retains the right to modify the price list at any given time.

4.     All payments to Shopnonibash Assets Ltd. must be made through Cheque, Cash, Bank Draft, or Pay-order, payable in favor of the company.

5.     Respected expatriate buyers residing abroad have the option to make payments in the equivalent amount in foreign currency through methods such as Cheque, Telegraphic Transfer(TT), Bank Draft, or Money Exchange services (such as Western Union).

6.     The responsibility for overseeing and maintaining internal activities will be periodically transferred to the City Corporation, Municipality, or Local Authority to ensure proper development supervision and ongoing maintenance in the future.

7.     The plot will be transferred upon the successful completion of the project development process and the payment of the contract price. However, prior to the plot handover, the plot registration process will be finalized, contingent upon the payment of charges and security maintenance charges as determined by the company.

8.     The plots allocated in the name of the customers are designated for specific purposes outlined by the company. All development activities on the assigned plot must adhere to both the company’s policies and government regulations.

9.     If the installment is not paid within the specified timeframe according to the plot recipient’s conditions, the entire installment amount, along with a penalty at a rate of 4%, must be settled along with the subsequent installment.

10. The company retains the right to cancel the reserved plot with a 10-day notice if installment payments are not made within the 90-day period.


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Last updated: Nov 28, 2023.